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domenica 21 febbraio 2016

Songs of the week - 32

Le mie manie musicali degli ultimi giorno sono state:
  • Un brano di un genere, il k-pop, che non ascolto quasi mai. Ma stavolta ho beccato una figata immensa che si destreggia tra beat hip-hop, archi e un ritornello ricco di pathos con tanto di vocalizzo lirico in sottofondo. 
  • L'ultimo singolo dei Delain, il cui ritornello mi sta spappolando il cervello;
  • L'ultimo singolo di una tenerissima cantante norvegese.

Xia - Flower
Take my hand,
You know I’m here with you.
Say my name,
'Cause lies can’t kill the truth.
Delain - Suckerpunch
Would you fall, give it all?
Would you give it all for me?
Suckerpunch the demons from my dreams!
Aurora - Conqueror
Broken me and broken them,
You are broken too.
Open ears, their eyes are open,
Makes me call for you.
But there's no seduction, only destruction.
Oh, fantasy take me over and break me.

I've been looking for the conqueror,
But you don't seem to come my way!
I've been looking for the only one,
But you don't seem to come my way!

A dire la verità, ho ascoltato e canticchiato tantissimo anche Revolution dei Kamelot e Cold Day In Heaven dei Delta Rae, entrambe già citate in questa rubrica.

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domenica 14 febbraio 2016

Songs of the week - 31

Canzoni della settimana? Eccole:
  • Il nuovo singolo di Roniit, stavolta in veste un po' meno dark e un po' più dubstep;
  • Un singolo di un'ottima band canadese tra melodic death metal e metalcore;
  • Il nuovo singolo di una cantante pop norvegese a cui vorrei urlare in faccia "muoviti a fare uscire questo cazzo di album!". 

Roniit & TrivectaThrough The Night
We’re falling out of time,
Searching through the night!
We’re breaking through the light,
Fighting for our lives!

Waiting for the perfect time to disappear...
Every time I close my eyes I see you here.
And I’ve been waiting here forever,
So I can feel alive.
The Agonist - Disconnect Me
Access the brain to eliminate
The source that constrains us to be humane!

Am I just your creation?
Terminate this operation!
Taking back the chance to feel alive!

Disconnect me from the dream
You infused with reality!
You've got to cut the cord,
Cut the cord and wake up!
Margaret Berger - Apologize

I'm drunk, bruised:
I'm not ok and I haven't been.
And there's no comfort to find in you,
So much colder than you've ever been.
I know I've been a bad one,
But I'm fucked up for a reason.
And I won't apologise.
No, I won't apologise.

Sometimes silence is crueller than words,
And you whip me with your nothingness
Again and again and again.
I stab that dagger in your side
Force you to bleed out all your pride,
Ask for mercy, for mercy...

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domenica 7 febbraio 2016

Songs of the week - 30

Sì, avevo annunciato che avrei pubblicato questa settimana due articoli delle Pagelle Musicali. Purtroppo ho sofferto di insonnia, che a sua volte mi ha provocato emicrania h24. Non ho avuto la forza né la voglia di finire di recensire gli album in questione, mi dispiace. Spero di poter rimediare al più presto, anche perché ora l'insonnia sembra essersi placata.
Anyway, le "songs of the week" stavolta sono...

  • Un brano decisamente a tema della mia band preferita;
  • Un brano tra dark cabaret, ispirazioni classiche e atmosfere tipiche della Russia ottocentesca riproposte in chiave moderna;
  • Un singolo di una famosa band symphonic black metal.

Epica - Chemical Insomnia
Everlasting nights leave all views behind,
Limits will become less clear and
A misty memory played out in a dream.
This endeavor is causing fear.
That's why I can't explain this stabbing pain!
Come undone in nightly rhyming,
It's time for me to roll the dice.
Waking sunset finds, making restless minds.
Wistful moments need enclosure.
A new hysteria is fading gravity
Which is slowly taking over.
That's why I can't unwind all thoughts aligned!
Floating on rivers that are drying,
I fear the beast is rising high!
Don't give in to all of this, dive into ecstatic bliss!
Tame the lion that's hiding the need to be free!
And you should not believe what the sands of time see.
Free the lion that's hiding your identity!
Fight the monsters that consume your entity!
The Romanovs - Kiss
'Cause the kiss is in the chemicals.
Who needs a lover when you've got a new best friend?
What could be better than this alibi,
This feeling that I wouldn't care if I was dead?
If you pinch me now, I wouldn't flinch.
Dimmu Borgir - Gateways
It's all there for the eyes that can see!
Be the broken or the breaker!
Be the giver or the undertaker!
(Unlock and open the door...)
Be the healer or the faker!
(... The keys are in your hands,,,)
Realize you are your own sole creator
Of your own master plan!

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