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domenica 14 febbraio 2016

Songs of the week - 31

Canzoni della settimana? Eccole:
  • Il nuovo singolo di Roniit, stavolta in veste un po' meno dark e un po' più dubstep;
  • Un singolo di un'ottima band canadese tra melodic death metal e metalcore;
  • Il nuovo singolo di una cantante pop norvegese a cui vorrei urlare in faccia "muoviti a fare uscire questo cazzo di album!". 

Roniit & TrivectaThrough The Night
We’re falling out of time,
Searching through the night!
We’re breaking through the light,
Fighting for our lives!

Waiting for the perfect time to disappear...
Every time I close my eyes I see you here.
And I’ve been waiting here forever,
So I can feel alive.
The Agonist - Disconnect Me
Access the brain to eliminate
The source that constrains us to be humane!

Am I just your creation?
Terminate this operation!
Taking back the chance to feel alive!

Disconnect me from the dream
You infused with reality!
You've got to cut the cord,
Cut the cord and wake up!
Margaret Berger - Apologize

I'm drunk, bruised:
I'm not ok and I haven't been.
And there's no comfort to find in you,
So much colder than you've ever been.
I know I've been a bad one,
But I'm fucked up for a reason.
And I won't apologise.
No, I won't apologise.

Sometimes silence is crueller than words,
And you whip me with your nothingness
Again and again and again.
I stab that dagger in your side
Force you to bleed out all your pride,
Ask for mercy, for mercy...

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