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domenica 10 gennaio 2016

Songs of the week - 28

Negli ultimi sette giorni sono stato in fissa con...
  • Una ciaccona per pianoforte di una compositrice russa contemporanea;
  • Un ottimo brano di una band metal italiana;
  • Un brano dance-pop di un produttore e musicista indie statunitense.

Sofia Gubaidulina - Chaconne

Ravenscry - This Funny Dangerous Game

Am I losing control or was it just that drink more?
I don't know why this game is going to be so dangerous,
But could I have it any more?
A thing only you have to know:
I'm afraid of love, afraid of love. What about you?
Sleepthief ft. Joanna Stevens - This Means War
I can't be stopped, I'll do what I have to:
Shatter your heart and scatter the pieces on the floor.
This means war! And I won't take it no more.
This means war! 'Gonna settle the score!
So arm your defenses and lock all your doors.
This means war!
I know your thoughts, your nature, your game:
Don't care what you brought, I'll end you the same.

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