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domenica 6 dicembre 2015

Songs of the week - 27

Le canzoni della settimana stavolta sono...
  • Un brano alternative/synth rock terribilmente travolgente;
  • Un'emozionante ballad della band prog metal che divide coi Kamelot uno dei migliori cantanti al mondo;
  • Un singolo degli ultimissimi After Forever.

Nemesea - Caught In The Middle

Boiling panic... I’m alone, caught in the middle.
Raving envy... It is all I have.
Anxious moments... I’m feeling lost, caught in the middle.
And I have lost control!
Dying, I’m craving... I’m still alone, caught in the middle.
Killing passions... And I have nothing left!
What’s it like to be the best? What does it take to make it last?
Many doubts have crossed my mind, but I know I have to try!
What’s the point in giving up when you know you’ll never stop anyway?
Now I know what it takes to find my peace of mind.
It’s right here in front of me.
Yes, I know: strength will be my key.
It comes for free, it is right for me.
Seventh Wonder - One Last Goodbye

Night after night, living a dream, finally feeling my blood again.
The notes in that song kept my heart beating strong all the way.
I can see clearly now: I'm tired of constantly sleeping.
I will open my eyes again, so ready to live now!
When every day hurts and tears keep on falling,
We're letting you go! The shadows are calling!
One last goodbye, we're all here beside you.
Your soul will fade like a rose in the dark, but your memory remains...
I'm flying high, aim for paradise! I'm hungry for life again!
After Forever - Energize Me

It's not a fantasy, another mystery.
It's just what I can feel, it's something I can see.
It's like a memory, an inner melody.
It's just what we all know and we all hear.
Can you believe in the power that's burning between us?
Would you believe, if you open up your mind? Open up your heart!
Energize me with a simple touch or with an open heart!
Energize me, fire up this flame that's burning between us!
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