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domenica 18 ottobre 2015

Songs of the week - 22

Nell'ultima settima sono entrato in fissa con...
  • La title-track dell'ultimo album della mia band preferita;
  • Una bomba electropop/dance pop tratta dall'ultimo album degli Hurts;
  • Un singolo dal ritornello irresistibile di una band che riprende lo stile dei Within Temptation di qualche anno fa.

    Epica - The Quantum Enigma (Kingdom Of Heaven, part II)
    Qui observat visi pars est.
    All the shadows and illusions we tend to believe
    Are creations of our own deceiving mind!
    We'll ignite the fire that burns under the rain.
    All that we desire is to find our source again,
    The meaning of life.
    Omne est vigor, sentimus eum sicit concretum!
    Vigor concrescit observatione.
    Each new discovery that we acclaim
    Brings us much closer to reach our aim.
    So we will finally see all of the universe exists by being observed,
    Expanding every day as we reach further.
    When we will look around and see, we will affect the energy!
    When we observe, by any means, we will create reality!
    Hurts - Nothing Will Be Bigger Than Us
    When my heart doesn't beat like it used to,
    When it's easy to see I don't need you,
    It gets harder to love you, harder to hide what I'm feeling.
    And I'm lost in the night, going out of my mind,
    But I try not to think anymore.
    Beyond The Black - In The Shadows
    It’s so hard to kill the demons when they live inside your heart.
    Don’t give up to find your fortune when you don’t know where to start!
    Up we rise into the night! We’ll never die, in the shadows!
    We can break out of these days!

    Songs of the week - 21

    Negli ultimi sette giorni ho ascoltato molto...
    • Un singolo di un terzetto di violoncellisti prestati al rock;
    • Il nuovo singolo di una band istituzione del gothic/doom metal;
    • Un brano EDM di un dj australiano specializzato in trance e di una cantante estone.
    Apocalyptica ft. Adam Gontier - I Don't Care
    If you were dead or still alive,
    I don't care, I don't care!
    Draconian ft. Daniel ÄnghedeRivers Between Us
    This winter inside is crushing me now.
    The love that I had, it drowned in the tide,
    Stirring the waters where hearts lay bare.
    Let me take the noose from our necks and carry us home!
    From this flesh my spirit longs to break away.
    Did you ever feel this cosmic circustance was never enough?
    Wake me slowly or watch me fall!
    tyDi ft. Kerli - Stardust
    Drowning in waves in the ocean of time,
    Giving up what has been mine,
    Well you’re the hardest to leave behind.
    And then I feel only love.
    What’s been is gone and I’ll be one...
    One with the wind and the sky above,
    Till I become, till I become

    domenica 4 ottobre 2015

    Songs of the week - 20

    Nell'ultima settimana sono entrato in fissa con...
    • Un brano di una band rock/metal olandese perfetta per festeggiare l'arrivo dell'autunno;
    • Un singolo EDM di un eccezionale compositore e produttore;
    • La title-track dell'album d'esordio di un'interessante cantautrice statunitense.
    Autumn - Skydancer

    Outside the wind is roaring, beyond control or melody;
    A frantic composition, void of vision, harmony.
    Pick a leaf to lead the dance to higher skies!
    Imagination needs no eyes: shut your eyes to look inside!
    Carried by the wind to spin within the symphony,
    Reborn to the sky, over clouds of gold I glide.
    Varien ft. Veela - Supercell

    Child of Iris, calming crisis,
    You're invited to come down.
    Silver skin cells, simply held
    In a cradle, hopefully found.
    Meg Myers - Sorry

    So take me to the start and take me to that kiss,
    'cause I got to know, baby, what I’ll forget!
    Sorry that I lost our love, without a reason why.
    Sorry that I lost our love, you really hurts sometimes.