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domenica 29 novembre 2015

Songs of the week - 26

Le mie tre canzoni della settimana sono...
  • L'ispiratissima e cupa opener del nuovo album dei Draconian;
  • Un brano italiano dotato di un testo che, maschilizzato, sento molto mio;
  • Un capitolo del Vangelo secondo Marina, Santa laica protettrice del Buon Senso.

Draconian - Heavy Lies The Crown
To this verge I collapse, while god stays sound asleep.
Losing the balance, I’m losing the hold of it all.
Make these trembling ghosts not chase me anymore!
Stars shine brighter, yet heavy lies the crown
And the candle burns out as I touch your heart
For treading the footsteps of many sorrows passed.
Fallen from luster to nothingness and scorn.
And fall dark veil… softly through the morn.
A haunted starless sky, fragile and, oh, so deep.
The dying softly wakes and smiles in painless peace.
Nathalie - Vivo Sospesa
Nel mio percorso, speranze e possibilità.
Nei nuovi giorni, la vita si trasformerà,
Cambiando colore, rendendo il dolore...
Un punto di forza in tempeste di vento,
Fragile forma consumata dal tempo.
A ogni respiro, la vita io trasformerò,
Cambiando i miei giorni, rendendo i miei sogni...
Punti di forza in tempeste di vento,
Fragili forme consumate dal tempo.
Trasformerò le ferite profonde
E le parole in sospiri di amanti!
Marina & The Diamonds - Forget
Sometimes I think I’m not that strong,
But there’s a force that carries me on.
'Cause I have lived my life in debt,
I’ve spent my days in deep regret.
Yeah, I’ve been living in the red,
But I wanna forgive and forget!
Oh, all the time that I have wasted
Chasing rabbits down a hole,
When I was born to be the tortoise.
I was born to walk alone.
I’m gonna leave the past behind.
I’ve had enough, I’m breaking free!
I’ve made mistakes, but I believe that
Everything was worth the fight.
'Cause in the end the road is long,
But only 'cause it makes you strong;
It’s filled with peaks & twists & turns.
Sometimes you have to learn forget about it.

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